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WeightPhoto is the most easy to use food journal app for a healthy life. Improve your eating habits, lose weight and get in shape!

Use the WeightPhoto food journal app to take photos of everything you eat and drink. Medical studies found that keeping a food journal will help you stick to your diet and lose weight faster. Our users get the best results when they use WeightPhoto for at least 30 days, on average they lose 8.8 lbs during this period!

Studies found that keeping a food journal will help you stick to your diet and lose weight. An overview of your daily food intake and statistics on your eating habits give you insights you never had before. Find out what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Identify areas of improvement to reach your weight goal faster and live a healthy life.

Taking a photo only takes seconds. Photograph your food and drinks with either the green or red camera button. Use the green button for healthy food and the red button for unhealthy food. The ratio of green to red photos gives you a quick overview of how healthy you have eaten.

Descriptions, calories or comments can be added immediately or you can do this later, if you want to start eating right away. The food journal app provides an overview of the photos you took that day, or you can use the archive to look back at photos you took days, weeks or even months ago.

The best way to loose weight is with the help from a professional, like a nutritionist or dietitian. You can use WeightPhoto to give your nutritionist insight into your eating patterns. Your photos are the perfect source of information on your eating habits and your knowledge about food and health. When you enter the unique WeightPhoto code of your nutritionist or dietitian into your app your account will be connected immediately.

WeightPhoto is free to download and comes with a free day slot. After using the app for a day you will need to purchase new day slots to continue use of the app. One day slot will allow you to take an unlimited amount of photos for one day. If you do not take any photos during a day, no day slot will be used.

Create an account and log in to the website my.weightphoto.com to look at your food journal on your computer.

Some of the features of my.weightphoto.com:
- Look at your photos in a timeline or list view
- See extensive statistics
- See weekly and monthly summaries of your eating behavior
- Take photos with multiple devices

So don’t wait any longer, take control of your eating habits, get motivated and loose that weight!

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